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Ichthyological collection


This section contains the largest in Poland ichthyological collection, numbering over 17 000 specimens representing ca. 700 species, which are almost totally preserved in liquids (ethanol, formalin). The collection is divided into several parts. The core is built of the following groups:

  1. freshwater fishes and lampreys of the Holarctic (ca. 15 000 specimens),
  2. fishes of other zoogeographic regions - mainly from south-eastern Asia and South America (58 species, 129 specimens),
  3. sea fishes - mostly of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea, Oceania and the seas of Antarctica (432 species, 2 237 specimens),
  4. dry fishes (stuffed) - (71 species, 124 specimens),
  5. skeletons - the majority of freshwater fishes of Poland (30 species, 56 specimens).

The most precious are the collections of freshwater fishes of the families Cottidae (25 species, ca. 2 700 specimens) and Coregonidae (11 species, ca. 500 specimens), and also small collections of freshwater fishes from Borneo, Java and Sumatra gathered, among others, by W. Kükenthal, F. Pax, K.A.J. Lauterbach, C. Zimmer, and those of Z. Kozikowska, A. Witkowski and J. Kotusz from the White and Mediterranean Sea and Lake Baikal.